500 t com malolica

500 t com malolica
 vision of fire pot.
Heatable area
83 m².
  • Leather
  • Beige
  • Bordeaux

  • thermorossi_5000_maiolica_numbers

1 – Programming control panel, with remote control
2 – Precious handmade majolica handmade by master craftsmen
3 – Cast iron firebox door
4 – Cast iron burner
5 – Cool touch door handle

Duct vents options: two rear

Every uniti s tested for one hour in the factory Remote control Our products don’t incur additional cost for adjustments or testing Simplified cleaning system Heat exchanger Thermocore® External rotor room fan is guaranteed for 4 years Low energy consumption Higher heat accumulation only 36 decibels of noise Thermosilent system Warm air filtring system Air ducting product Made in Italy


  • Thermocomfort


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