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Cuba, pellet-powered stove simple and uncomplicated to install and full of charm and personality. For people who love shapely and modern design, its gloss black frame enhances its many other attractive features. Equipped with air ducting system and incorporating the very latest technology, this appliance will make a lovely addition to your home.
Heatable area
77 m².
  • Black
  • Grey
  • White

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1 – Programming control panel, with remote control
2 – Simplified access to the pellet tank by means of the push and pull system
3 – Cast iron and glass inlayed firebox door
4 – Removable door handle. Essential design and added safety
5 – Precious cast iron and enhanced fire viewing glass
6 – Glove compartment

Every uniti s tested for one hour in the factory Remote control Our products don’t incur additional cost for adjustments or testing Simplified cleaning system Heat exchanger Thermocore® External rotor room fan is guaranteed for 4 years Low energy consumption Higher heat accumulation only 36 decibels of noise Thermosilent system Air ducting product External primary air input Made in Italy


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