Olymberyl Olive 10kW Boiler

A GREAT MEDIUM-SIZED boiler stove designed to tick all of the boxes – value for money, a good physical presence, traditional styling and enough kilowatts of heat to power 5 or 6 radiators (depending on size) and still with enough output left to use the stove as an effective room heater – without overwhelming the room occupants.
This perfect balance of output to room versus output to water makes the Olive the ideal boiler stove for traditional cottages where living rooms are typically small and have low ceiling heights.
Built on the heritage of Ireland’s biggest selling boiler stove (see right), the Olive guarantees you a pedigree of proven reliability and superior performance. 78% efficiency, premium cast iron construction and features such as Airwash for cleaner glass, plus a 5 year bodywork and boiler warranty just simply puts the Olive in a different class.

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