Panadero Allegro Ecodesign woodburning stove

Ecodesign ready stove. This stove boasts a large firebox which means it is capable of taking logs up to 80cm long; this will save you time and energy on cutting those logs! A stylish modern looking stove with a built-in log store makes storing your logs practical and to hand. Also, it is equally suited for newer builds as it can take the required combustion air from outside of the home directly to the stove. With a nominal heat output rating of 8.9kW, the Allegro woodburning stove is capable of heating large open spaces up to 270m³ and is capable of performing at 80.8% efficiency.

Output: 8.9kW

Efficiency: 80.8%

Energy label: A+

Heating volume: 270m³

Flue outlet: Top

Flue Diameter: 150mm

External air: Yes


Exploded view

Panadero Allegro Ecodesign woodburning stove


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