Are you a music lover dreaming of a glamorous look? Here’s to you Pop: the pellet stove in just 46 cm in diameter. Let it conquer you with its personality and precious details that make it irresistibly attractive. Perfect for any corner placement, thanks to the central smoke outlet in line with the stove. Cast iron top and sides in steel.
Heatable area
73 m².
  • White
  • Grey

  • pop_540x400

1 – Programming control panel, with remote control
2 – Top in ghisa
3 – Thermocore® pipe heat exchanger
4 – Precious glass door
5 – Removable door handle. Essential design and high safety
6 – Cast iron burner
7 – Modern design given by the feet in high quality wood
8 – The refined raised base facilities the cleaning operations

Every uniti s tested for one hour in the factory Remote control Our products don’t incur additional cost for adjustments or testing Simplified cleaning system Heat exchanger Thermocore® External rotor room fan is guaranteed for 4 years only 36 decibels of noise Thermosilent system Mechanical-safety-devices External primary air input Made in Italy

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